follow the people you trust to the places they love

We love to travel. Be it a weekend get-away or a cross-country backpacking trip—we think it is wonderful to find hidden places that impress us, surprise us, make us feel at home. Places so great that we'd love to go back or send a friend to experience them: true #favoriteplaces.

But what is the best way to discover these places?

We know that the best recommendations don't come from travel guides or recommendation websites, but from friends and people we trust and whose taste we share. So what do we and our travel-experienced friends do? We send our recommendations in long email lists with many links. That works, but is often confusing and complicated—you still don't know what's around the corner when you need it and spend a lot of time looking everything up. We think there is a better way.

Save and share the places you love

Did you discover a delicious restaurant while traveling or your new favorite bar in your home town? Our app favoriteplaces allows you to save your favorite spots at home and abroad, and allows you to easily share them with your friends.

Get travel tips from friends, not strangers

At the same time, follow your friends and local experts to access their favorite spots, and build your very own, custom travel guide—based on tips picked by people you trust, not strangers. No matter where you are: a #favoriteplace will just be around the corner.

Curious to give favoriteplaces a spin: Come and join our beta test!


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