Have you ever had an idea, something you believed was truly awesome, and you just couldn't get it out of your mind? This is where we are right now. There is this idea that struck us last year - and we just can't let it go.  

Last summer, we've been on a trip to Texas and, as usual, we chatted with a few people about what to do in the cities we were planning to visit. I talked to a friend who had lived in Austin and it turned out that his wife, Kathleen, had a wonderful blog that listed all her favorite things to do, see, and eat in the area. The result: We did not touch our travel guide at all (sorry, Lonely Planet - no offense), but simply went to all those wonderful spots Kathleen had collected in her blog.  

And this is really only one of the many examples of when the advice of someone who shares our taste helped us having a great time far away from home. Thanks to our wonderful friends, who're always happy to share their travel secrets, we’re always equipped with wonderful tips. But In most cases, our friends' recommendations looks somewhat like this: 

While we love all these tips, handling facebook messages and emails is not the most convenient tool to share those, we think. Where exactly are those places? How should you know if a friend’s favorite is close by without googling every single spot?  

So sitting in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District , sipping a beer on the patio of a great bar (which we only discovered because a waiter of this great restaurant recommended it to us), this really got us thinking. Why isn't there an easier way to save and share your favorite bars, restaurants, or places to stay?   

We've an idea for how to change this, so we're going to make it happen - with favoriteplaces.

And while we're working on this, we'll keep you entertained with this little blog. 

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