Spending the last four days in the San Francisco Bay Area turned out to be perfect timing: the Golden State Warriors won the NBA title and we had the chance to celebrate with a happy crowd in Russian Hill. Luckily, our freshly washed clothes evaded the Champaign showers. But the Bay Area has much more to offer than party people and the exceptionally beautiful Highway No1 (although it deserves its fame). Time to share some of our #favoriteplaces around San Francisco with you!


The Golden Gate Bridge is among the most famous and photographed sights in the US and while we both have seen it several times, it is always worth a visit. This time, we took a walk starting at Fort Mason Center, which hosts the wonderful used bookshop Readers Book Store. A nice little coffee shop is attached to the store so you can read the first few pages of your ‘new’ book while enjoying a coffee. Before heading all the way to the bridge, we recommend to stop at the big pavilion by the Palace of Fine Arts Theater – a great spot for pictures.


Google is big - we know that. But our recent visit in Mountain View's "Google village" really clarified the dimensions: the company's 20,000 employees work in so many buildings that Google provides them with bikes to get from A to B, needs 33 cafeterias to feed its hungry geniuses, and hosts a party with bouncy castle to welcome its 1500 summer interns. Lucky us: A friend of ours just started an internship and took the time to give us a big tour (thank you, Dominik!). And there are so many things to see: The first computer built by the Google founders, numerous gyms, climbing walls, an outdoor pool, game rooms and even a bowling alley - Google really makes sure that its employees have little reason to spend time at home (they can even do their laundry in the office). 


This small town probably is one of the weirdest places south of San Francisco, but still –we somehow love it. Skip the touristy boardwalk and the amusement park that sits right by the beach and walk up the wharf. At the very end of the wharf there is a candy store and for $ 3.25 you get a gigantic portion of ice cream that is large enough for two people to share. So grab one of those and enjoy watching the seals. Walk down the wooden stairs on the side of the wharf for the best view of lazy sleeping seals below the wharf. If you feel like having a drink, stop by at Café Pergolesi in downtown and grab a seat on the patio for prime people watching.

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